Steve Bodkins History Books - Giving the Past a Future

  • I am currently doing research for a new history book that will include the towns and region surrounding Valley Head, Mingo and Monterville in Randolph County, WV.  Do you have family tales or documents, photographs, or stories about any of the following that you would like to share for possible inclusion in the book?

  •      1.   A family member, relative or ancestor that has some great stories to share
  •      2.   Picture(s) of the theater's, skating rink, store fronts, saloons, gas stations or other historic buildings in the area
  •      3.   Valley River Railroad history and/or pictures
  •      4.   Sawmills, logging & timbering stories and pictures
  •      5.   Stories and information about coal mining and coal miners
  •      6.   Civil War Stories
  •      7.   Soldiers and military history
  •      8.   Native American Indians
  •      9.   Schools, teachers and/or students
  •      10. Other historical or current events that occurred in the area
  •      11.  Looking for Minds Coal Company mining script that was issued at the Monterville mine.

  Anyone who submits information or photos that I use in the book will receive credit for their contribution.  I will scan your

  information and return the original items in good condition.  Please contact me by email at: or by 

  letter at: Steve Bodkins, 1217 Linton Road, Independence, WV  26374,  if you wish to be part of telling the story of this region. 

   I look forward to hearing from you!  "Help Give the Past a Future."