Steve Bodkins History Books - Giving the Past a Future

Books Written by Steve Bodkins:

  • Bemis & Glady West Virgina:  A History of Two Mountain Towns
  • Forgotten Towns:  Pocahontas & Randolph Counties, WV

Author: Steve Bodkins

The author was born in Elkins, WV and lived in Randolph County during his early formative years.  He is a graduate of West Virginia University and worked in the Facilities Management Department for 38 years.  He retired from WVU on 7/31/17.  

During the course of his life, he has spent countless hours with his father, grandfather, uncles and brother camping, hunting and exploring the mountains of Randolph, Pocahontas and Pendleton Counties.  Many of these trips were planned  solely to investigate abandoned towns, logging  and mining camps, civil war camps and to investigate the history of the native American Indians.  It was during these numerous trips that he documented the history of these areas.  Additionally, he has spent thousands of hours researching newspapers and manuscripts on micro-film in libraries, court house records, census records and many other sources to gain in depth knowledge about the subject he is writing on in a book.